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Stump Removal North Hills

For home or business owners who have trees as part of their landscaping, may require stump removal at some point throughout the lifespan of the trees. The expert team at Pusateri Brothers specializes in stump removal and stump grinding to help you rid your yard or commercial property of unsightly and dangerous tree stumps.

Stump Removal North Hills

Why Tree Stumps are Hazardous

In addition to taking away from the beauty of your landscape, tree stumps also pose a threat to the safety of people on your property and become an overall nuisance by:

  • Decaying stumps can attract stinging insects, snakes, and other pest animals
  • Can be hazardous to children who are playing on or near them
  • Can make grass cutting and weed trimming around the stump difficult

Don’t let tree stumps become an unsightly or dangerous element in your landscape, let Pusateri Brothers take care of it!

Efficient Stump Removal Services

Removing stumps especially ones from mature trees can be difficult. As a tree grows, so does the root system. The root ball of the tree can be anywhere from four to ten times larger than the size of the tree, making mature stump removal a job for the professionals. We can also remove the trees from your property or help you finish your removal by taking care of the stump.

With the proper training and equipment, the team at Pusateri Brother can safely and efficiently remove the stump and the root ball from your property, preparing your landscape for seeding, new planting, or other landscape design elements.

Stump Grinding for No Dig Stump Removal

Stump grinding allows you to avoid the digging process. Once a tree is cut down to the ground level, our expert team will remove the stump using a grinding technique. The stump is ground down into smaller pieces just a few inches below the earth and then covered with dirt. The portion of the stump that is left behind will decay along with the roots around it.

The small pieces of stump produced from the grinding process can be used for mulch, ground cover, or can be discarded.

Professional North Hills Stump Removal 

Although many homeowners and business owners may think they can remove a stump themselves, stump removal is not a do-it-yourself project. At Pusateri Brothers, we have equipment specifically made for stump removal, allowing us to safely and completely remove the stumps and the roots from your property.

Don’t risk personal injury with the wrong tools or lack of experience in stump removal. Let Pusateri Brother’s team of experienced stump removal experts handle the removal to keep you safe and keep your landscape looking great! Contact us today to learn more about our stump removal services!

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